Vacation Rentals

Your Trust in us means stress-free management for you!

When you’re thinking about hiring a rental property management service in Southwest Florida, you require a competent partner you can trust. At NextHome Advisors, we offer exactly this for any type of vacation rental management.

To provide your guests with the best possible experience, they must feel you’re providing them with a vacation rental that’s comfortable, safe, and meets all their expectations. Many companies in the vacation rental property management industry claim to do this, but there are significant differences in the service level provided.


Vacation rentals are good for anyone, even families and multiple families. Average vacation rental sizes range from 1,000 to 2,000 square feet, but if your guests were to rent a hotel room, they’re looking at around 400 square feet only. Not ideal.

The advantages of a vacation rental are limitless, however space is by far the most important aspect. Enjoying stress-free time together is one thing, but the ability to retreat to a private space is also a must. Many rentals offer bedrooms with their own ensuite bathrooms.


There are many reasons why vacation rentals are better than hotels including:

Multiple Bedrooms/Beds

A multi-bedroom vacation rental home with multiple bathrooms, full kitchen, and a living area (possibly even a game room, theater room, and pool) is likely a much better option for groups or larger families. Families who vacation as a large group in your rental home will save money because they can split the costs.


Your vacation rental home offers your guests more breathing space and comfortable options for relaxation unlike the confines of a hotel. Vacation rentals offer your guests the perfect balance of activity and seclusion.

Guest Vetting

When you have guests rent your vacation rental property, it’s as if they are guests in your own home. You as an owner hope that your guests leave your rental in the same condition as it was when they arrived. Sojourn provides a tenant screening service giving you peace of mind that you are renting to guests who will respect your property.

Between each rental, we conduct a comprehensive inspection inside and out to ensure no damage occurred from previous tenants.

Home-Like Feel

A vacation rental provides your guests with many attractive features not offered at most hotels:

·       Private bedrooms

·       A fully outfitted kitchen for cooking or reheating food

·       Multiple bathrooms

·       A laundry area so as to eliminate overpacking

If your guests are staying at your vacation rental for more than just a few days, accommodations like these can be cost-effective and very important.

Full Kitchens

Dining out at restaurants each day is expensive. Your guests will enjoy saving money by having a fully functioning kitchen. NextHome Advisors mandates that each kitchen is equipped to handle the least demanding meal preparation to the most demanding.

Private Swimming Pools

Enjoying a pool at a vacation rental is a reason many travelers seek out certain sites. In locations with warm summers, like Florida, having a pool is a must. If a swimming pool is an amenity at your vacation rental, you’ll likely attract a larger pool of renters.

Long Stays Available

Extended stays are gaining popularity. Typically, the average stay is seven days, but some families may stay at a vacation rental for a month at a time.


We partner with cleaning agencies of the highest standards making sure that your vacation rental is adequately sanitized and cleaned after every use. NextHome Advisors provides our cleaning checklist which is used every time a rental property is cleaned.

High standards help the listings to receive great public reviews for your vacation rentals, essential for attracting future tenants to your property.


Short-term rentals are more affordable than hotels, particularly for families. Multiple families vacationing together usually split the costs allowing them to save a great deal of money. NextHome Advisors uses variable pricing software to maximize occupancy and offer competitive prices year-round.


Whether you’re attempting to rent a single vacation rental or multiple vacation rentals in Southwest Florida, it might seem overwhelming. There are so many details to get right. By getting help from NextHome Advisors, the burden is assumed by us. Our team will manage all aspects of your property management needs.